1. Can your lubricators be refilled?

Electro Lubers (gas-driven units) are not refillable by the end user but can be returned for refurbishment/refill. All other ATS Products are refillable/rechargeable by the end user: Jack Lubers have a replaceable grease cannister, Ultimate Lubers can be refilled using a standard grease gun, the Titan CL uses a standard 400g grease cartridge & the Titan Oiler can be refilled/topped-up with oil via the filler cap on top of the reservoir.

2. Can you explain more about the chemical reaction in the chemical/gas units?

The Electro Luber relies upon an electro-chemical reaction. Resistors control the amount of current passing to an electrolyte solution & this controls the rate of generation of safe, inert, nitrogen gas. The gas expands a bellows which pushes against a piston to expel the lubricant.

3. How much pressure do your Lubricators produce?

The Electro Luber is capable of producing 55 psi. The Jack Luber is capable of producing 200 psi. The Ultimate Lubricator, Titan CL & Titan Oiler are capable of producing 900 psi.

4. How much vibration can the Electro Luber withstand?

The Electro Luber is designed for industrial use. Constant & severe vibration could affect the performance of the Electro Luber and in such cases remote mounting is recommended.

5. Can Electro Luber’s be used on electric motors?

Yes, Electro Lubers can be used on electric motors but is important to adhere to the motor manufacturer’s recommended lubrication rate & not to over lubricate.

6. Do I have to use all the distribution block outlets with a Multi-Point System?

Yes, you have to use all the outlets on the distribution block. Plugging any of the outlets will prevent the lubricator from working. If you need to reduce the number of feeds, a cross-port adaptor is required.

7. How do I know when an Electro Luber needs to be replaced?

The piston & grease level are visible through the translucent body of the lubricator. You will be able to tell when the unit is empty as the orange piston will be pushed to the bottom of the unit.

8. How does the Electro Luber stand up to a corrosive environment?

Electro Lubers are made out of nylon & other materials that are chemically resistant to corrosion.

9. How far can you remotely mount the Ultimate Luber from?

The Ultimate Lubricator can be remotely mounted up to a maximum distance of 35ft, using 6mm bore pipe.

10. Will hot or cold operating temperatures affect the feed rate of the Electro Luber?

Electro-Lubers (gas driven units) can be used in temperatures ranging from -40 c to + 55c. Temperature fluctuations can affect the feed rate of the Electr0 Luber although this is not usually significant & the interval switches can be adjusted to compensate. The feed rate of motor-driven units in the ATS Product Range (Ultimate, Jack, Titan CL, Titan Oiler) is not affected by temperature.

11. Why is ATEX Certification important?

Products that are ATEX Certified can be used in hazardous locations, such as refineries, mines & other confined spaces.

12. What maintenance is required?

Once installed, ATS Products are essentially maintenance-free until the end of the chosen dispensing interval, at which point they need to be changed/refilled. However, it is good practice to periodically check that the LED is flashing correctly & that the lubricant level is going down as a part of your general preventative maintenance schedule.

13. Are the units available throughout the UK?

Yes, all of our products are available UK wide.

14. What type of lubricant can your lubricators be filled with?

Just about any lubricant can be used.

15. Can ATS Products be used in mining environments?

Yes, ATS Products are ATEX Certified & are already used in the mining industry, both above & below ground.

16. Are ATS Products submersible?

Only the Electro-Luber is submersible, down to 30 feet.

17. Are the units strong enough to withstand the industrial environment?

Yes, ATS Products are made of durable materials & are well proven in harsh environments.

18. Can the units be used in an explosive environment?

Yes, ATS Products are ATEX Certified.

19. Can the units be mounted in any direction?

All grease dispensing units can be mounted in any orientation. However, oil filled Electro Lubers should be mounted upside down, or fitted with a low pressure non-return valve, to prevent the oil from pouring out.

20. Can I use any oil in the Electro lube units?

Yes, any type of oil can be used with the Electro Luber (but see question 19).

21. If I have more than one Electro Luber on a bearing will all the units empty at the same time?

Yes, typically within a day of each other.

22. If the seal is blown on a bearing will the unit empty sooner?

No, the unit will not empty any sooner but will help to prevent any contaminant from entering and wearing the bearing.

23. On the Electro Luber, what is the “B” Switch for?

The “B” switch is applied to make the lubricator go a little bit faster. This can be useful when using heavier greases or when units are being with a short feed line.

24. Will the batteries die out before the lubricator has fully emptied?

No, the batteries in all the ATS Product Range will easily last long enough, even for the longest dispensing intervals.

25. How long does it take the Electro Luber to build up to pressure before the unit starts to discharge?

This will vary. On a 1 month setting an Electro Luber will start to dispense within 24 hours but on a 12 month setting it could take up to 10 days. Therefore, for longer dispensing intervals, the bearing should be primed prior to installing the lubricator.

26. Can the Electro Luber blow a bearing seal?

No, the Electro Luber can only produce 55 psi. It takes between 275 psi to 450 psi to blow a bearing seal.

27. Can units be placed on existing grease lines?

The Electro Luber (gas-driven unit) is only suitable for use with a short fee line (max 3ft using minimum 6mm ID pipe). The Jack Luber can be used with grease lines up to 10ft & the Ultimate Lubricator & Titan CL can be used with grease lines up to 35ft in length (again minimum 6mm ID pipe).

28. I have used the spring type lubricators before, are they like the Electro Luber?

No, spring type lubricators do not build up pressure.

29. Is it safe to dispose of the an Electro-Lube unit?

Yes, but first remove and properly dispose of the batteries.

30. What is the warranty on the Lubricators?

All ATS Lubricators come with a 12 month warranty.

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